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    A Bountiful Harvest We have sent our organically grown produce to a variety of food banks, soup kitchens, and parishes - even a food truck for the Missionaries of Charity in NYC.
    Spring Planting Farmer Larry gets some help with the planting from Farmhand Hank.
    Our Chapel We pray Morning Prayer, Daytime Prayer, and Evening Prayer together in our small chapel.
    St. Benedict Medal We are Oblates of St. Benedict through Transfiguration Monastery in Windsor, N.Y. , and practice a Benedictine spirituality.
    Herding the Sheep Our border collie Leo prefers smooching to herding. Here he is with Fern, one of our Border Leicester ewes.
    Handmade Wool Hats Carmina spins the fleece from the sheep and knits wool hats, which are then given to those in need.
    Canned Tomatoes Preserving the summer harvest for winter consumption.
  • Dorothy Day

  • Peter Maurin

  • larry and carmina chapp

    Larry and Carmina Chapp


  • Today's Readings

  • The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution that has to start with each one of us.

    Dorothy Day

  • The Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Farm is part of the Catholic Worker Movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin during the Great Depression. 

    We are an 11-acre homestead raising a variety of crops and seasonal livestock. 

  • It is in fact impossible
    for any culture
    to be sound and healthy
    without a proper regard
    for the soil,
    no matter how many urban dwellers
    think that their food
    comes from groceries
    and delicatessens
    or their milk from tin cans. 

    from Regard For The Soil
    An Easy Essay by Peter Maurin

  • We started the farm in April of 2013 with the simple goal of growing food for the poor. We are now moving towards increasing opportunities to teach homesteading skills to the next generation.  We have an open-farm policy that welcomes anyone to participate in our work and to learn homesteading skills.

    As Catholic theologians, we take particular interest in the theological and philosophical roots of the Catholic Worker Movement. The farm is the place where we put into action the faith that we hold so dear. 

  • Rublev's Trinity
    - a favorite of Dorothy Day